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Machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer science, big data, computer warehouses and databases

Delivery Areas:

  • Analysis and prediction, machine learning

  • Big data, BI, data warehouse and database
  • Information and system architecture
  • Project management and consulting

Some delivery areas:

  • Which customers are most valuable?

  • What products does the customer want?
  • How many items will be purchased of a commodity and at what time?
  • Who is at risk of terminating their customer relationship?
  • Social media analysis: What does the market think about our business?
  • Text and speech analysis in the customer service dialogue: What are our challenges?
  • Where, when, and in what circumstances do queues occur on the roads?
  • Image analysis: How many customer are there in our store? How long queue is it in front of the cash register?
  • Optimization of factory and logistics operations
  • Smart monitoring, early warning and predictive maintenance


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Assisted in establishing research project for industry 4.0/ AI in the transport industry.

Image processing (deep learning) - identification of baggage with camera. Prediction of capacity needs in logistics operations.

Database operation Norwegian pension fund.

Big data / IoT and machine learning for hydropower plants.

Concept study, machine learning sales and market in the finance industry.

Database operation Swedish bank's trading system.

Project management and solution assistance for the development of automatic luggage handling system for OSL Terminal 2 project for Bertel O. Steen Industry.

Launched new deep learning number crusher with Google Tensorflow, Keras, Spark and Hadoop in Chronos' data hall.

Data warehouse shipping and The Norwegian Tax Administration, analysis of social media. Concept study of classification of X-ray images, prediction using neural networks and product recommendations. 


Self-driving units, how do they make it? The Norwegian Computer Society (DND)

Software '19. IKTSmia / Chronos with lightning talk. Management of the program committee for the track Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

Lunch seminar robots at The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration

The Norwegian Computer Society (DND), Software 2018 (Artificial Intelligence: Multi Agents in the Smart House, Chronos)

Course in Big Data Analytics (Chronos co-lecturers)

Call-center days, Why customers contact you (with partner Effecto Consulting)

Software '17. Artificial intelligence and robotics

Lecture at Frogn high school - Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning - An Introduction (Social Entrepreneurship)

About text analysis in call center for NORDMA. With Effecto Consulting

Chronos lectures on a Big Data course at Østfold University College

Oracle User Group Norway