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Maskinlæring | Kunstig intelligens | Dyp læring

Stordata | Datavitenskap | Datavarehus

-fra data til handling


Key competence

Kjetil Karlsen, Economist

Advisor | CEO

Finance and accounting, business consulting, BI and big data, operations and management.

Espen Remman, Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Advisor | Senior Data Scientist |

Project Manager | Chairman

Business consulting, big data, data science, machine learning, reinforcement learning, BI / data warehousing, data centre, project management, operations / management. M.Sc. in artificial intelligence. Examiner at the University of Tromsø.

Blogg: Big Data, Data Science Ethical Business

Bernt Bremdal, Ph.D. Advisor | Principal Data Scientist | Professor at University of Tromsø

Forretningsrådgivning og forskning, kunnskapsforvaltning, kunstig intelligens, søk, big data, datascience, maskinlæring, semantisk web, produktutvikling. 

Arild Berg, B.Sc.

Advisor | chief Executive Officer

Analysis, design and programming of knowledge solutions. Search, knowledge management, statistics, big data and machine learning.

Stian Frenger

Senior DBA

Operation and management of database and information systems. High availability and security.

Blogg: Oracle og teknologi

Asbjørn Danielsen, Ph.D.

Senior Data Scientist

Associate Professor, University of Tromsø

Business consulting and research, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, product development.

Ph.D. in artificial intelligence.

Jan Erik Dahl Ph.D. Advisor - Language Technologies

Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP / NLU). Effective categorization, learning and knowledge building based on text and other unstructured information.

Kristoffer Tangrand, Ph.D. stud.

Data Scientist

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, data science, and statistics.

Stefan Remman, B.Sc./M.Sc. stud.

Data Scientist

Data science, statistics and analysis. Interpretation and classification of data. Stanford Certifications: Machine Learning and specialization in Deep Learning.

Hans Olufson, Ph.D. stud.

Senior Data Scientist

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and image processing.

Jon Audun Baar B.Sc./M.Sc. stud.

Data Scientist

Data science, statistics and analysis. Machine learning and specialization in Deep learning.

Bachelor of applied mathematics, specialization in computer science.

Fredrik Stormo, M.Sc.

Senior Data Scientist

Big data, data science, machine learning, statistics, knowledge technology, interpretation and classification of both structured and unstructured information. Examiner at the University of Tromsø.

Magnar Marthinsen, Master of Science

Senior System Architect

Big data platforms and pipelines and data science.

Frank Vevle


Digital consulting, IT director, infrastructure, operation and establishment of Data centres, Information security (sensitive data), Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Predictive analysis and digitization.


Roland Olsson

Associate Professor at Østfold University College

Business consulting and research, knowledge management, big data, data science, analysis. Neural networks, deep learning.

Lars V. Magnusson Ph.D. stud.

Data Image Processing Scientist

Advanced image processing. Pattern recognition. Advanced algorithms.

Morten Fjeldstad


Business Advisor, Analysis, Profit Realization, Finance, Business Analyst. Telecom and Commerce.


Advisor / Chief Executive Officer

Consulting, architecture, design. Information management and content management; implementation and management, SharePoint, Business Objects. Project management and operations management.


Advisor / Chief Executive Officer

Data Warehouse Design (Enterprise and Data Mart), Database Design, solution design for large amounts of data, design of operating patterns and routines.



Digital marketing, media and commerce.


chief Executive Officer 

System and database management.


Senior Consultant

Implementation, support, operation and management of Microsoft and Oracle platforms, search, and knowledge management. Design and programming of knowledge solutions on .Net.


Senior Consultant

Implementation, support, operation and management of Microsoft infrastructure. Technical project management.


Senior Consultant

BI and general solutions. Implementation, application management.

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