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Maskinlæring | Kunstig intelligens | Dyp læring

Stordata | Datavitenskap | Datavarehus

-fra data til handling

Computer Science / Machine Learning


Here we have listed some examples of applications:

  • Decision support systems, with summary overviews of large amounts of data (also known as data mining),

  • Voice, writing and image recognition,
  • Text classification/categorization, understanding utterances,
  • Automatic control systems,
  • Recognition of patterns and relationships,
  • Spam filters,
  • Customer segmentation,
  • Fraud detection,
  • Predict the future

  • Supply/demand

  • Weather
  • Traffic
  • Occupancy and needs in transport, tourism
  • Bottlenecks in logistics
  • Crime
  • Etc.

Can computers really predict the future?

Chronos provides advanced solutions that based on learning from historical data can:

  • Predict the future,
  • Recognize patterns and relationships, and

  • Make intelligent decisions.

This type of advanced solution is referred to as "machine learning".

It may sound strange that computers can learn.

However, the computer improves and changes its answers, sometimes assisted by a human and sometimes without assistance.

Machine learning solutions read historical data to learn. The solutions generalize based on concrete and specific data.

New responses to future decisions are automatically made based on historical data.

The prerequisite for achieving this, and what makes this possible today, is:

  • Advanced program solutions based on recent years’ research,

  • Ever-increasing amounts of available data,
  • Efficient computers/large computational capacity, and
  • Large storage capacity

If you want to know more about how machine learning and computer science can improve your business (e.g., increase sales, revenues and quality, and reduce costs, risks and delays), contact us here.

Machine learning as a subject requires first-hand interdisciplinary competence in several areas, including probability theory, statistics, mathematics, cognitive science, linguistics and computer science.

Chronos collaborates with Norwegian research institutions. We have a Professor II, a PhD fellow and several employees with higher education in these disciplines.