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Maskinlæring | Kunstig intelligens | Dyp læring

Stordata | Datavitenskap | Datavarehus

-fra data til handling

Big Data - Business Intelligence - Data Warehouse

We help customers capture data, transform and assemble this data and through presentation convey valuable knowledge for our customers and the customer's systems.

See also Predict - plan the future.

Information Management - Information logistics

« From having to using! »

Our goal is to deliver the right information at the right place, at the right time, to the right person or system - and at the right price.

Information Management - Information logistics

Architectures are conceptual models of structure, behaviour and images. Systems are technical descriptions of a computer system. Information architectures describe how data and information are interconnected and organized in the business.

Business Continuity

We provide management, support, preparedness and operations.

Chronos specifies, designs and implements high-availability operating solutions and infrastructure. We make sure that the customer's systems work with the availability, performance and reliability that the customer requires.

Project management

Chronos provides senior competence/expertise in consulting, project management, system development, integration, process development and IT strategy.

We have experience with implementation and execution of traditional and agile projects.